Runners Club Final Trek is tomorrow! Permission Forms Due Today!!

The Final Trek permission form is due today.

This is the last Runners Club for the school year.

The permission form is due back by Monday, March 5th!

The info sheet on the back of the form basically says:

Tuesday, March 6th – we run from Academy and finish at Oak Valley Park. All kids must be picked up at Oak Valley Park at 4:00. EDP kids will not be shuttled back to Academy.

*volunteers needed! Please indicate on the form if you can help!💓

The Final Trek is a qualifier for who gets to go on the Run Club field trip scheduled for Thursday, March 29th at Lost Oak Winery. In order to qualify for that field trip students must:

– have completed 17 miles for the year (this includes 3 miles for the Final Trek)

– complete the Final Trek in 32 minutes or less

**if the Final Trek gets rained out, we will not be rescheduling (therefore the qualifying miles for the field trip will be 15.5 miles)